5 Easy Ways to Style a Blazer for Petite Women

Blazers are a staple item in everyone women’s wardrobe, even petite women. They are a go-to garment for a day in the office, styled for a night out on the town, or dressed down for a simple dinner with friends. Finding a perfect jacket that enhances your outfit and body is what every girl wants; so, tailoring one for your body type is key. Here are 5 ways petite women can style a jacket.

1.  It’s All About the Silhouette.

Shorter women need to pick a silhouette that enhances their body, not drag it down. Start by choosing the correct shape of jacket for your body type. Petite women should aim for a single-breasted jacket, rather than double-breasted. The extra bulk in fabric tends to draw down the body instead of enhancing it; stay away from extra fabrics.

Choose shapes such as a slim H shape or a line jacket with an empire waist that draws the attention to the top half of the body and creates the illusion of height.

2. Choose the Correct Length.

Stay away from longer jackets that can make your body look shorter than it is. Shorter-length jackets that end at the hips are more flattering on shorter bodies than long coats. This will elongate your body and give the illusion of a taller frame.

Smooth jacket fabrics with vertical seams will create a longer, leaner line on the body.

3. Select the Correct Color and Pattern.

Neutral colors are safe and easy to style for most women. Create a taller look by selecting solid colors without adornments; this will keep the body slim and not overpowered.

If you do want more pattern or color, choose something easier on the eye. Subtle prints and designs, such as pinstripes or faint plaid prints work for shorter women. It will not overpower the stature of the body and still give the illusion of a longer frame.

4. Have It Tailored.

It’s all about the fit. Custom tailored pieces make even the most basic jackets look like they were made just for you. Invest into pieces that are customized to your shape to help give off the illusions you want, such as an IXORA jacket ;). 

A well-fitted jacket for petite women should lay flat on the shoulders. The seam should run from the top of the shoulder down and meet the sleeve of coat right at the edge of the wrist. The seams should be long and lie straight on the body.

5. Finish the Look with Correct Undergarments and Shoes.

What you wear under the jacket is just as important as the jacket itself. The secrete of how to style what you wear underneath your jacket is to not break the continuous vertical line that has been created by the shape of the coat.

If you want to dress a jacket up, aim for a simple top, straight-legged pants, and a pair of heels. This will keep the body line slim and tall, which will enhance the illusion of a longer stature. Avoid wide legged pants because this will break of the vertical line that has been created.

Another option is to wear a dress that hits right above the knee, with a longer coat over it. Do not wear a long jacket with flats or sneakers; this will cut off the bottom of your frame. Heels at least 3-inches tall will increase the length of your body.

These are just some of our tips! What other tips do you have?

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