5 Tips for your Mental Health During COVID

We’ve been in this pandemic for months now. This year has been a strain for all of us mentally. For all of you out there, we hear you. We’ve done some research and compiled some of our favorite tips for you to push through until our lives return to ~normal~.

 1.      Stay Connected

As the Holiday season ramps up and COVID numbers continually rise, you may be more hesitant to see your family this year. We totally understand as that is the safest thing to do. However, this may bring more feelings of isolation. Everyone understands that this year is tough. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family to include you for Zoom or phone calls. Think of creative ways to stay connected and have fun remotely. Some ideas include Jackbox games, Trivia and virtual happy hours.

2.      Digital Detox

As much as we love browsing Instagram and doing Zoom happy hours, these obligations are incredibly draining, both mentally and physically. Research has already shown that Zoom meetings are more draining than regular meetings. On top of that, the blue lights from your screens are straining your eyes. If you can, turn off all things digital. Read a book. And follow tip 3.

3.      Get Outside

Although the weather may be getting colder, don’t forget to take a quick walk around the block. If you can drive, take a drive with the windows down. This COVID world may make you feel trapped, but that is only a mindset. You can go for a walk (socially distanced of course). Soak up some Vitamin D and take a breath in the fresh air. Your mental health will thank you later.

4.      Forgive Yourself

As the year wraps up, some people will reminisce about what they accomplished. Don’t use this as ammunition to make yourself feel guilty if you weren’t as productive as you had hoped. It’s ok to not have accomplished everything. Forgive yourself. Drop it. The fact that you survived this year makes you incredibly strong.

5.      Find Your Silver Linings

Lastly, focus on the positives. We’ve found a daily reflections journal helpful for this. It only takes two minutes to write what you may be thankful for. We’re frequently thankful for our health, our family, our friends, our pets, and the list goes on. There will always be something you’re thankful for and writing these positive affirmations will set your day on a positive note. Our favorite journal is here.

We hope these tips were helpful. Let us know what else you would like to hear about. For all of you who are suffering, we’re here for you. Stay strong!


IXORA team

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