How to Dress for a Zoom Interview

How to Dress for a Zoom Interview

When the world was placed on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic last year, everything changed, including the world of interviews. Making a good first impression begins with how you introduce yourself. When interviews went virtual on Zoom, dressing to impress took on a whole new sense.

Knowing how to prepare for interviews, particularly how to dress for them, is crucial as graduation approaches. First impressions are everything, and they are irreversible. When you're on Zoom, it's a totally different environment than to when you're in person; there are far less chances to show off your personality, which is where clothing will help. When it comes to making a great first impression, your Zoom interview outfits are more critical.

 Here are some tips and tricks to dress correctly and make a lasting impression.

  1. Dress Up in What Makes You Feel Confident

The most important factor in acing an interview is to wear something that makes you feel confident. A simple blouse or button-up tailored to your body exudes confidence and gives the impression that you are secure in your own skin. It's always easier to be overdressed than underdressed, so choose staple pieces that make you feel good.

  1. Choose the Correct Color Pallet

As opposed to in-person interviews, Zoom’s camera quality and the way the images register will be more distracting compared to in-person interviews. Avoid black fabrics because computer cameras since computer cameras have a hard time picking up textured, seams, and folds.

Avoid using bright colors because they will draw the interviewer's attention away from what you are saying.

Whites, creams, and other neutral colors are ideal that pair well with your skin tone.

  1. Avoid Busy Patterns

Wearing tops with intricate designs and a lot of contrast is not a good idea. Avoid loud prints or embellishments as this can detract from how you introduce yourself, causing the interviewer to recall your shirt rather than you.

  1. Less is More When it Comes to Accessories

Rings, necklaces, bralettes, and earrings are all examples of jewelry pieces that should be limited to seven or less. One pair of earrings, for example, will count as two things.

Avoid using gleaming accessories that can reflect light. This will once again divert the interviewer's attention away from you.

  1. Wear Something on the Bottom

While most Zoom interviews only require you to expose your upper body, wearing a full professional outfit, such as a pant suit or skirt, will help your outfit feel more complete.


Full Outfit Ideas:


A top with a simple design is the foundation for the rest of your outfit. When engaging in a Zoom interview, the most suitable attire is a well-fitting blouse or button up that is tailored to your body; it demonstrates professionalism and shows the interviewer that you know how to dress well.


In most Zoom interviews, only the upper half of the body is seen. But wearing a complete professional attire can evoked confidence and make you feel more empowered. Stick to either a pant suit that coordinates with your top and jacket, or a nice skirt that hugs your body in the right places.

Jacket or Blazer:

A well-tailored jacket is a wardrobe must-have. A jacket that is custom to your body exudes strength and structure. Check out our custom-made jackets, which are tailored to your exact measurements and size.


The upper portion of your appearance is most important when engaging in a ZOOM interview. An outfit's accessories can make or break it; Limit your jewelry to a few pieces, such as a simple necklace and a pair of earrings.






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