How to Style a Blazer for Summer

When it comes to refreshing and revitalizing your wardrobe once the warmer weather arrives, learning how to use pieces in your closet for appropriate weather is essential. A blazer may not be the first item of apparel that comes to mind while thinking of the hot summer months. But perhaps it should! Because this trendy little item could be just what you're looking for, you'll want to add some flair to the season.

A structured blazer is a classic piece everyone should have in their wardrobe and can be utilized throughout the year. Continue reading to learn tips in tricks on selecting the right jacket for you and how to style it for the warmer months!

  1. Opt for Brighter Colors

Summer is the time to bring out the color in your wardrobe. Darker hues will attract more heat and should be avoided. Experiment with bolder and brighter hues like pink, yellow, and the season's color green. Add a pop of color with a bright-hued blazer that is fresh and perfect for summer!

  1. Choose Light Weight Fabrics

The summer heat may depress anyone, therefore choosing the right fabric is essential for surviving hot days. Choose breathable, light-weight fabrics, such as linen, that feel wonderful against your skin and can be worn all day. Avoid materials like wool or fleece, which retain heat and make an outfit appear too hot during this season.

  1. Structure Over Loose Fitting

Choose a structured blazer to highlight your physique and go with practically any ensemble. When compared to an ill-fitted blazer, a fitted-structured blazer has a more refined and sophisticated appearance.

  1. Dress it Up

Pair your structured blazer with season-appropriate clothes. Dresses and skirts are popular in the summer, and they look great with a jacket. For a fresh-off-the-runway look, wear your blazer with a lightweight jumpsuit and a pair of heels. Choose clothes from your summer collection and layer them with jackets to elevate your outfit.

  1. Go More Casual

On the other hand, there are days when we are on the run yet still want to look and feel our best. Dressing comfortably does not have to mean sacrificing flair. A structured jacket is worn over biker shorts and a crop top for a sleek and laid-back look. To keep up with the current streetwear trend, mix your jackets with joggers and a tight top.


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