Why Made-to-Measure?

When I talk about my startup and launching a made-to-measure brand, many women understand why I’m doing this. These women have at some point gone into a fitting room with three different sizes unsure which fits them best. These women may have had expensive tailoring bills to make the garment fit their body. However, a handful of people still ask me why made-to-measure is so important and why I’m determined to make it work. This blog post is dedicated to explain what made-to-measure means to me, what it means to you, and what benefits you reap from it.

What MTM Means to Me

I like many women have been there – confused if I’m a size 2 in this brand while being a size 4 in another. Being 5’4”, I’m right at the average height of an American woman – yet many brands use a 5’7” woman as their fit model to make decisions of what a size 2 or 4 will look like. Crazy right? But more personally, I’ve battled with body dysmorphia growing up. I’ve grown up around images of fashion models who wear size 00 and according to these same magazines, they told me that size 00 is the beauty standard. As I shrunk my body from a size 4 to 00, I constantly paid more attention to the numbers on my clothing than my own personal worth. Fast forward more than ten years later, I still hate clothing sizes – why does an arbitrary number on a label get to dictate my happiness?

I want to move away from these numbers. My bottom half is a size 4 but my top half is a size 2 with size 4 shoulders and a size 0 bust. What size is that? Each of us have a beautiful shape and deserve to have clothes made just for us.

What MTM Means to You

At IXORA, we’ll be honest; we’re still developing this experience and what this looks like to you. However, what we can promise is making it simple.

  1. Picking your Item:

    • We’re not asking you to design your own clothes and pick between one sleeve over another. We’re not even asking you to pick out which fabric you like best.

    • What you will do is just pick out the style you like from a refined collection of beautiful pieces and the color and we’ll make sure it’s a piece you’re going to love.

  2. Measuring

    • We’ll ask for a couple of key measurements. You can measure yourself via your own measuring tape or request one on us. Or if you’re in the Boston or NYC area, we’re happy to measure you personally!

    • If you don’t want to measure yourself and think you’re “true-to-size,” you’re more than welcome to order your usual size without alterations.

  3. Waiting

    • The hardest part is just waiting for your personal piece to arrive. It’s really that simple! You’ll be wondering why you don’t get more clothes personally tailored before.

MTM Benefits

In case you’re not sold yet, here are a couple of other benefits to do MTM.

  1. Less Waste

    • Did you know many brands have millions of dollars worth of unsold inventory at the end of the year and they simply destroy it? This year – you’ve probably noticed the amount of sales due to COVID. This is because so many brands have so much inventory that they don’t know what to do with it. But do you realize how much wastes this creates? From dying the fabrics to refining cotton to the carbon emissions much less the workers who worked so hard to develop it. We want to stop guessing how much product you want; instead we want to create what you want only when you want it.

  2. Better Fits

    • We’re delivering product that actually fits you. Most apparel brands use a “fit model” to develop their sizes. Most of the time they’re using a 5’7” size 0 model to dictate what a size 6 will look like. We want product that actually fits your beautiful body type. Celebs get clothes personally tailored for their body so why not you? You deserve something made just for you.

  3. Investible Pieces

    • More than 50% of fast fashion pieces are disposed of within a year. It goes without saying that we’re not trying to be fast fashion. Here at IXORA, we thoroughly believe less is more. We’re giving you quality, fashionable, yet timeless pieces that will last you for many years to come. With clothes that are made just for you, these pieces are something you’ll want to keep forever.

We’ll be launching in the coming weeks so keep following along on our journey to see more behind-the-scenes action. Sign-up to be on our wait list and we’ll be in touch soon!


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