#WorkingWomenWednesday: Annie Plachta

Today, we're pleased to feature Annie Plachta. Annie Plachta is the Co-President of Harvard Business School Student Association. She's a woman in finance, work-out-fanatic and student-leader extraordinaire. Read more to learn about what inspires her and who motivates her! (Plus check out our Instagram Reel to see how she styles our Aline jacket!)

  1. What do you currently do?
  • I am a second year MBA student at Harvard Business School and the co-president of our student government
  • What excites you most about your career path?
    • I plan to continue working in finance after graduation, and I’m excited to get to work with a broad group of companies and learn how to help them grow and improve their businesses.
  • How have you been working during COVID?
    • I’ve been working in my studio apartment with my cat, but I try to go to campus and work as often as I can.
  • What challenges do you hope to change in the industry you’re currently in?
    • It’s no secret that there are not many women in finance which can be an exhausting dynamic. I hope that I can serve as a mentor to other women who want to work in the industry and help them grow their careers so we can improve the balance.
  • What does success mean to you?
    • In the past, I’ve typically measured success against certain benchmark achievements like getting into a certain school or working a specific job. This a valid way to measure success and I am thankful for where it’s gotten me, However, after graduation, I want to focus more on my own happiness and whether I’m serving others.
  • What makes you feel confident?
    • Working out – I do a lot of yoga and indoor cycling, both of which help center me
  • Who/what inspires you?
    • My friends and personal Board of Directors! I am lucky to have a number of relationships with incredible people who inspire me through their own successes and challenges, and they inspire me to do the same.
  • What’s your personal mission statement?
    • I can’t claim this as a personal creation, but I try to remember that the point of working in business is to provide opportunity for others.


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