#WorkingWomenWednesday: Jasmine C. Green

This week I’m proud to feature boss lady Jasmine C. Green, model and founder of MARZ Enterprise. MARZ Enterprise is a modeling agency with a focus on diversity and resources for models. Read more to learn about her life and how she started her company!

From the Beginning

Jasmine’s life didn’t start out easy. Both of Jasmine’s parents passed before she even turned twelve: her dad at eight years old and her mom three years later. However, she always found positivity to overcome adversity. When I asked her who inspired her, she turns to three things:

  1. God: When she’s weak, she finds strength in her faith.

  2. Her sister and adoptive mother: When she’s not feeling her best, they remind her of her strengths and push her.

  3. Her nieces and nephews: They inspire her to create a better world where she hopes they won’t have to struggle because of the color of their skin.

It was clear within five minutes of our conversation that Jasmine has an innate need to fight and overcome adversity. Now, she’s made it her passion to help others overcome adversity like she has herself.

Her Early Career

Jasmine started as a model in the fashion industry. As a black model who’s 5’7”, she was acutely aware that she did not fit the beauty standards that brands wanted at the time.  However, she was determined to make a career out of it. She was signed by a modeling agency, where she paid them thousands of dollars to be represented. Despite being signed by an agency, Jasmine couldn’t help but notice other women being cast to more jobs than she was. Frustrated by her partnership, Jasmine decided to freelance on her own for the next 10 years.

Freelancing proved to be successful as she booked 50+ jobs and produced 15 fashion shows with audiences of over 600 people. She even worked on a show at New York Fashion week. There she saw first-hand the other struggles women face as models. She was exposed to issues with mental health and eating disorders. Therefore, she knew that when she started her agency – it was going to be all-inclusive, not just all-inclusive visually with her models, but all-inclusive with her services. All her models would work with a health coach to understand ideal weight and be given resources and support for mental health. Thus, MARZ Enterprise was born.

Her Agency Today

Over the last five years, MARZ Enterprise has represented over 35 models, worked with over 50+ brands including DTLR (Downtown Locker Room) and produced local fashion shows for Nordstrom & Gap with some of her models walking New York Fashion Week.

During COVID, we all know that fashion brands have been struggling, so I was particularly impressed that Jasmine has found ways to survive during these times. For one, during an online casting call, Jasmine saw a 2,000+ increase in website traffic and strong turnout with many models looking for more jobs.

2020 also brought to light the many atrocities of systemic racism and brought the Black Lives Matter cause to an even bigger platform. More brands are finally being forced to relook their values and how they represent their brand internally and externally, thus turning to services like MARZ Enterprise to improve their diversity in the brand.

In talking to Jasmine, despite all the challenges happening today, her incredible optimism and positivity still radiates. When her parents passed at a young age, she was reminded to look for a better tomorrow. It’s no different to her outlook today. She knows there will be a better world post COVID. In the future, she has dreams to expand beyond Baltimore to open a second headquarter in Brooklyn.

On Success

For Jasmine, success is more than monetary rewards. She wants to reach a space where she is helping more people other than herself. She wants to help her family and her community create the best versions of themselves and help them pursue their calling and their passions.

Jasmine’s story continually inspires me. After talking to her, I learned two things.

  1. Grit: Never give up. When things get rough, there’s always a brighter day ahead. 

  2. Giving: She’s given her all to make her business successful not only for pure business-sake but to make lives better for those around her.

When I asked her what her mission statement is, it’s no surprise that it’s “do unto others as you do unto yourself.” We can all learn from Jasmine and find ways to make lives around us better while pursuing our dreams. I’m looking forward to seeing all of Jasmine’s success as she truly deserves all the success and more.

­If you’re interested in learning more about her & her business, be sure to visit her website at https://www.marzenterprise.com/

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